Saturday, August 21, 2004

Air Museum In Tucson

Other photos:
Presidential ride.
Big black.
Coast Guard.
Silver thunderbolt.
Big bad bomber.
Blue Angel.

Tucson Sunrise

Tucson Sunset

Home Of The Wildcats

Desert Garden

Other photos:
Flowers in the desert.
You'd look like this if you had to endure this heat.
Thorns, thorns, thorns.
Yes, fruit in the desert.
No cutting through.
Seems unfriendly.
The prototype cactus.

Sunset In The Desert

Other photos:
Pulled over the car to watch this sunset.
Words cannot describe.
The end of an amazing day.

Amazing Skies

Other photos:
Blue and gray swirls.
Skies against plateaus.
The sunset begins.
Takes your breath away.

Petrified Forest

Other photos:
Petrified junk yard.


Dinosaurs In The Desert

Wigwam Hotel - Holbrook, Arizona

Meteor Crater

Near Winslow Arizona during a forest fire.

Lake Powell Lizard

Lake Powell Marina

Lake Powell Sunrise