Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Basketball Drills

Other photos:
Caylee and the coach.
Dribble with eyes up.
Explaining the next drill.
Dribbling practice.
Shooting contest.
Passing practice.
Explaining the defensive drill.
Butt butt practice.
Caylee practices hard.
Caylee plays some defense.

Caylee's Sunday Morning Photo of Ben

Another Great Day For Sledding

Other photos:
Caylee, Ben and I.
Caylee, Ben and I, again.
Caylee, Ben and I, yet again.
Caylee coming down the hill.
The trudge back up.
Benny Boy.
Who likes this the most?
Ben and I.
Caylee crashes.
The effects of snow in the ear.
That was fun.
Crash landing.
Whitney and Caylee.
Penny's crash landing.
Hey Ya!
My buddy and I.
Caylee takes flight.
Whitney and Penny.
Whitney and Penny put on the breaks.
Caylee and I.
Caylee and I, again.
Caylee and I go over the jump.
Hi again.
Ben runs to greet Whitney.
Ben chases Caylee and I.
Ben chases Caylee and I, again.
Ben chases Caylee and I, yet again.
Ben chases Caylee and I, again and again.
Landing zone.
Turnaround and do it again.
Turnaround and do it yet again.
Discussing strategy.
Caylee, Ben and I zip down the slope.
Ben and I (close-up).
One last fun ride.

UCONN Defeats St. John's at Gampel Pavillion

UCONN Dance Team.
Ann Strothers heads down court.
UCONN defense.
UCONN Women's Soccer team honored at halftime.
Ashley Valley leads the break.
St. John's needs a timeout.
79th straight sellout.
St. John's at the line.