Sunday, May 30, 2004

First Lost Tooth (But Another One Is Almost Ready)

Late Spring Splendor

Other photos:
Sunrise, sunrise.
A cool drink.
Ben's swimming hole.
Gilligan's Island.

Soccer Heaven

Other photos:
Caylee tries to win the race.
Caylee strides downfield.
Tired pair, Jessica and Mary.
Purple Dragons scrambling in their own end.
Danielle zooming ahead of Jenna and (Big) Lexie.
Jenna and Danielle closing in.
The coach instructs Caylee, Zoe and (Little) Lexie.
Caylee, Zoe and (Little) Lexie happy that the coach is gone.
Caylee isn't dissauded.
Zoe surrounded but still determined.
Caylee licking her lips.
Mary zips past the goalie.
The coach shouts instructions (with Caylee in background).
Caylee gets corner kick instructions.
Jenna gets defense instructions.
Jessica at full speed.
Caylee and (Little) Lexie on the offensive.
The coach likes Caylee's thrown in.
Caylee turns to hear instructions.
Jessica hunts for the ball.
Big Lexie shows good ball control.
Caylee and (Little) Lexie play great defense.
The Purple Dragons cheer their opponents after the game.

Yard Work

Other photos:
Spring has spring.
Sprung in a big way.
House profile.
Rabbit eyeing my flower garden.
Rabbit high-tailing it.
Ben enjoying the sun.
Another shot of the house.

Fishing At The Neighborhood Pond

Other photos:
Presenting!...a pumpkin seed.
Ahhh...I think I stepped in something.
Trophy catch.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004