Saturday, June 12, 2004

Fireworks (For Caylee's First Goal)

Ben Stops To Smell The Flowers

Dusty Saturday On The Soccer Field

Other photos:
Jenna, (Big) Lexie and Danielle kick things off.
The Purple Dragons most faithful fans.
Danielle chases one down.
Sarah plays some tough defense (with Brynn, Devon, Mary and Danielle nearby).
Mary throws one in (with the coach advising).
Sarah, (Little) Lexie and Zoe in the chase.
Caylee prepares to make her move.
Danielle heads downfield (with Sarah, Mary and (Big) Lexie looking on).
The field is crowded with players and onlookers.
Jenna follows through (with the coach cheering her on).
Devon tries to boot one (with (Little) Lexie and Zoe in support).
Hard charging (Little) Lexie.
Sarah, Mary and Caylee call for the ball.
Jessica and Mary zip along.
Mary shows perfect form in booting a corner kick.
Caylee provides some defense (with Danielle in the background).
Caylee, (Big Lexie) and Amy show perfect spacing as the move downfield.
Mary zooming (with Jessica trying to keep up).
Jenna blasts the ball (with Zoe in goal and Amy in pursuit).
Amy takes a well-deserved break.
Mary and Danielle close in on goal.
Zoe prepares to take a goal kick (with the coach providing advice).
Zoe gets ready to lean into a corner kick.
(Little) Lexie, Amy and Zoe eye the incoming ball.
(Litte) Lexie plays the ball (with Amy and Sarah ready to assist).
The Purple Dragons cheer their opponents after the game.
Showing sportsmanship.
Both sides deserve a cheer.