Sunday, July 04, 2004

Last Soccer Photos For The Spring

Other photos:
Sarah, Devon, Caylee, Jessica and Lexie chat with Kaylee (in red).
The coach congratulates Jessica on her goal while Devon listens in.
Jessica makes another charge with Sarah in support.
Victoria, Sarah, (Big) Lexie, Jessica and Caylee await the throw-in.
Caylee looks for the pass from (Big) Lexie with Danielle in pursuit.
(Big) Lexie advise Caylee and Danielle.
Danielle doesn't care how big they are.
Amy throwns into (Big) Lexie and Danielle (with Caylee in the background).
Mary celebrates her goal with help from (Little) Lexie.
(Little) Lexie tries to gain control.
Mary dashes in to win the ball.
Danielle puts on the pressure with help from Sarah and Zoe.
Perfect spacing as Caylee, (Big) Lexie and Amy zoom downfield.
Caylee competes for the ball with (Big) Lexie looking on.
The Purple Dragons ((Big) Lexie, Amy, Devon, Jessica and Victoria) mixing it up.
Victoria defends while Sarah protects the goal.
(Big) Lexie, Caylee and Amy eye the throw-in.
Caylee takes a free kick.
Caylee looks over at the crowd of supporters (with Devon in the background).
Caylee's fan club.
The always energetic Mary.
(Little) Lexie, Danielle and Mary in action while Zoe, Caylee and Amy catch a breather.
(Little) Lexie chats with an opponent.
Danielle and (Little) Lexie try to win the race.
Danielle and (Little) Lexie on the move (with Caylee in the background).
Mary celebrates yet another goal (with help from (Little) Lexie and Danielle.
(Big) Lexie plays some defense with Zoe coming in to provide support.
A traffic jam of Zoe, Amy and Brynn.
(Big) Lexie and Zoe zero in on goal.
Caylee, Zoe and (Big) Lexie are happy about one more goal.
Amy and Brynn stop the best little player in the league.
The post game celebration line with Caylee, Amy, Mary, Jessica, the coach and (Big) Lexie.
Fond farewells at the end of the season.